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Academic Honesty at Florida Tech

Academic Honesty at Florida Tech

Academic Honesty is an important policy at Florida Tech and throughout any university. Without honesty in academia, learning can be compromised and results can be fraudulent. Adhering to the tenets of Academic Honesty ensures an environment [...]

I Feel ”   ” – The First Week on Campus

I Feel ” ” – The First Week on Campus

New students, both first-years and transfers, experience a range of emotions during the first week on campus. Confronted with a new environment and new people, it can be difficult to determine what would be considered “normal” [...]

Don’t Miss the In-Class Exam Review

The class session before the final exam can yield important information that can help you better prepare. Despite this fact, many students fail to take advantage of the in-class review sessions. They show up and expect [...]

Working with Your Academic Advisor

During your academic career at Florida Tech, you may be asked if you have met with or spoken to your academic advisor. While the first reaction may be, “I have an academic advisor?” or “I did [...]

After the Exam – Follow-Up Strategies

After the Exam – Follow-Up Strategies

Taking responsibility for your education requires you to develop and hone your feedback solicitation skills. With regard to quizzes and exams, this happens once the instructor has graded the quiz or exam and the paper has [...]

Top 6 Exam Strategies for College Students

For many students, re-reading one’s notes is considered adequate review for an exam. While such preparation is admirable and encouraged, simply reading over notes silently does not make for a sound review strategy. The best review [...]

Reading & Notetaking – Part 2

Some students prefer to read the material first and then take notes in class; others would rather attend class and take notes, then customize their reading to the material and topics that the instructor has covered [...]

Reading & Notetaking – Part 1

Look at a syllabus for any college-level course, and you will find a reading assignment. Some courses require a minimal amount of reading, while other courses ask that you read twenty to fifty pages each night [...]

Set Goals, Establish Priorities

Goals are, for the most part, invisible. Most of the goals we set as adults aren’t tangible, but the outcomes of the processes that we use to achieve our goals are. Goals can be purposes or [...]

Time Management Overview

Time management skills are fundamental to success at the University level. We define time management as how one schedules or manages the time allotted to accomplish academic and personal goals. Good time management skills involve planning [...]