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The Academic Talk Parents Should Have

The Academic Talk Parents Should Have

Parents who send their children off to college often have a checklist of topics to discuss to prepare them for the upcoming semester. There are talks about alcohol and drugs, talks about relationships and safe sex, [...]

I Feel ”   ” – The First Week on Campus

I Feel ” ” – The First Week on Campus

New students, both first-years and transfers, experience a range of emotions during the first week on campus. Confronted with a new environment and new people, it can be difficult to determine what would be considered “normal” [...]

Working with Your Academic Advisor

During your academic career at Florida Tech, you may be asked if you have met with or spoken to your academic advisor. While the first reaction may be, “I have an academic advisor?” or “I did [...]

Time Management Overview

Time management skills are fundamental to success at the University level. We define time management as how one schedules or manages the time allotted to accomplish academic and personal goals. Good time management skills involve planning [...]

University Classroom Etiquette

The University classroom at Florida Tech is a learning environment above all things, and the majority of students dedicate a great deal of time and money to pursue their education here. With this in mind, students [...]

Five Athletics Strategies That Work in the Classroom

Five Athletics Strategies That Work in the Classroom

If you haven’t heard, Florida Tech has started practices for its new football team. Many ASC 1000 instructors have already met the players and we know that they bring many of their strategies from the field [...]

Eight Tips for Parents of University Students

Sometimes, parents have just as difficult of a time in the first-year transition as do their students! Here are eight tips for parents to help them (and their first-year university students) during the shift from high [...]

From High School to University: A Learning Shift

The classroom environment for a first-year University student presents a variety of challenges with respect to academic expectations, professor interactions, and personal responsibility. Academic success, especially during the first semester, relies upon individual skills of time [...]

Campus Involvement IS University Experience

It’s amazing what events are considered part of the first-year experience at Florida Tech. Sure, there are the prerequisite classes and the hours of homework that you would associate with a rigorous university… but what about [...]

Representing the ASC at NACADA

Representing the ASC at NACADA

While many students wrapped up their Spring Break, academic advising professionals across the southeastern United States convened at Florida International University for the Region 4 NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) conference. Veronica Giguere, the ASC Associate [...]